It seems like so many things we do in our houses has to do with how it will affect the re-sale.  The latest question I had from a friend is “does adding a walk-in tub add or diminish value in a house, or would there be no change in value?

Here is my response:

I don’t think it will affect the value as much as it might affect how many showings you get before an offer comes through. I say that because buyers connect with homes in different ways. Some will like it, some will not, and some won’t care.  (A note for us: It really depends on the market of buyers who is interested in that particular area, price point, etc.)

I remember a fun movie from many years ago, Just Like Heaven, with Reese Witherspoon and Mark Ruffalo. Mark’s Realtor just couldn’t understand why he wasn’t connecting with these great homes she was showing him. She was just about to give up on him when he sat on Reese’s sofa and decided that her home was the right home for him.

He was sitting on the sofa when he let the Realtor know he wanted the house, and she finally realized it had been the sofa, in each of the homes, that had been sitting on when he would tell her whether he like the place or not, even though he himself had not realized it. The sofa had been the deciding factor, all along.

It’s just meant to be cute, of course, as it would seem silly to let a sofa be the basis of a decision, but is a true example of how so many things about a property either hit with buyers or they don’t.

So I would say to go with what YOU want and need to make your house functional and enjoyable for you. Later on, down the road, if the tub is the only point of objection with buyer feedback, which I don’t think it will be that big of an impact, we could address that later, but for now get the tub you want.