Posted on January 16, 2019 – 09:02 AM by Jim Anthony

Did you realize that a lot of people only live in about 25 percent of their home…but of course have to maintain 100 percent of it.  There comes a time where people start to find that the idea of downsizing to a space that is more functional is both ideal and exciting…but it can also be scary and daunting.  Especially since 70 percent of them have children who live out of state and so they must face this task on their own or by getting local help.

There are 5 Questions every homeowner should ask themselves:

1) Do I need assistance with lawn maintenance and home upkeep?

2) Do I stress about bills, record keeping?

3) Is maintaining the home now, or in the foreseeable future going to be a challenge?

4) Are you away from the home for extended periods?

5) Do you feel isolated in your home?

If you say “Yes” to even one of those questions, downsizing is likely something to consider. So, where to begin?

After cleaning out the closets and getting rid of excess furniture, painting is always a great and inexpensive place to start. Please note that when painting a home to sell, neutral colors are ALWAYS best regardless of the trend.

If you have been in your home at least ten years, there are some items that you should consider replacing: carpet, hot water tank, garbage disposal, and your dishwasher. Ceiling fans should be updated and it’s time to re-caulk your tub and shower.

As we all know the kitchen is the most popular room in the house and should be updated. Storage is the most important feature in the kitchen. So if you are planning to replace your cabinets (white is most popular), make sure to include pullout trash and recycling as well as built-in utensil and spice storage. Buyers want to see clutter-free countertops. Speaking of countertops, they are the most commonly upgraded feature in a kitchen. Engineered quartz has surpassed granite as far as popularity.

Please use this guide as a starter.  January is a great time of year to go through closets and rooms that we don’t use.  Work at your own pace and remember the 3 P’s to consider when preparing a house to sell:

1) Purge your stuff!!!   It has been said for a long time that “Clutter Eats Equity” and that is SO true!

2) Paint with a fresh neutral color (especially if it has been 10 years or more since the last painting)

3) Purpose.   This means that the room should be staged for its original intended purpose.  A dining room should be staged as a dining room, not a sewing room or a playroom.