Posted on January 8, 2019 – 10:17 AM by Jim Anthony

Staging is a proven marketing strategy.  The sellers’ home is now a product, so merchandising and marketing is an important component in getting it sold.  And, as a product, all products have features and selling points…and all products have competition too, so staging can set a house apart from its competition.

Staging is NOT decorating.  It is not interior design, showcasing collections or your personal style.

Staging IS preparing your home for SALE.  It is a systematic and coordinated effort that is based on knowledge of real estate, home renovations, and creative design principles that are applied to attract buyers.

Many times, just some fresh paint can make all the difference, along with cleaning, de-cluttering, some repairs, or even some minor replacements of some faucets and knobs.

Less is more in staging.  Everything is placed to have the greatest effect on a buyer, just like in a model home of a new construction builder.  Rooms are showcased so that the furniture has a flow (runway look) and the accessories, art, and especially lighting (lighting is HUGE in setting a scene) focus the eye on the things we want to highlight.  Neutral colors are always best, and then you can let the accessories provide the POP of color for a room.

You should do everything with the prospective buyer in mind, so that the effect is that they can envision themselves living in the house…and it will very likely increase the number of offers a seller gets on a house.
Rooms should always be returned to their original purpose.  So a dining room should be showcased as a dining room, etc…

Many of today’s buyers want a move-in ready home and do not have disposable income to do repairs and renovations.  People who see a well-maintained home that is organized perceive the home to be of higher value. So, investing in repairs can be worth the investment as it will likely prevent the buyers from asking for concessions or allowances for the work that they see that needs done.

A deep cleaning is a MUST in preparing for selling.  The seller can do it or they can hire someone to do it.  Think of it like detailing your car…a deep cleaning is ‘detailing’ your house to prepare it for sale.

As for your curb appeal, make sure that the front porch and entry are clean and inviting.  Repaint your front door, if needed. Update old house numbers and old porch lighting fixtures.  And if you have landscape lighting, include some night-time pictures in your marketing materials.  Also, consider adding fresh mulch. A dark variety is best as it adds great contrast to the home.

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